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Contact pressure gauges

Contact pressure gauges have a simple design. They are regular Bourdon tube pressure gauges with a magnetic, inductive or electrical contact mounted below the scale. They can be adjusted over the entire scale range using the setpoint indicator.

Contact pressure ...

  • gauges are used at all points where the process pressure needs to be displayed on site and circuits need to be switched at the same time.
  • The switching contacts (also known as limit switches) close or open circuits depending on the pointer position of the indicating device.
  • An alarm is triggered if a set measured value is exceeded or not reached.
  • The contacts can also be used to switch processes on, off or on.

Magentic snap-action contacts 

Magnetic snap-action contacts ...

  • can be used universally in all areas and can also be installed in liquid-filled devices.
  • Their mode of operation is based on a screwable permanent magnet on the setpoint pointer.
  • If the circuit is to be closed, the magnet attracts the contact pin of the movable contact arm abruptly until the magnetic force is exceeded by the restoring force of the measuring element and the contact then opens abruptly.
  • The contacts are therefore largely protected against the effects of arcing.

Inductive contacts 

  • Inductive contacts are used for potentially explosive areas in zones 1 and 2 and are also used for contacts with a high switching frequency.
  • They can be used under difficult conditions without any problems.
  • Inductive contacts can also be installed in liquid-filled devices.
  • Typical areas of application are chemicals, petrochemicals and nuclear plants.
  • They operate without contact and are therefore free from wear.
  • They have no effect whatsoever on the measuring mechanism of the pressure gauge.

Electrical contacts 

  • Electrical contacts can be used to switch low voltages and currents directly.
  • They are therefore used, for example, in programmable logic controllers.
  • Electrical contacts are also characterised by particularly reliable contacting, freedom from wear due to contactless contacting and no influence on the measuring mechanism. 

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