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Diaphragm pressure gauges 

Diaphragm pressure gauges from Schmierer: High sensitivity for measuring low pressures and exceptional robustness for many years of use even under difficult conditions.

  • We manufacture high-quality diaphragm pressure gauges that are specially customised for your individual application and can be relied on even after years of use.
  • Diaphragm pressure gauges are used to measure gaseous and liquid process media.
  • Open measuring flanges are used as process connections for crystallising or highly viscous media. The diaphragm is protected against aggressive media by foils made of PTFE or tantalum, for example. Suitable materials such as W.1.4571, PP, PVC, PVDF or similar also protect the connection part that comes into contact with the medium.
  • Schmierer also has special sealing material in stock to supply diaphragm pressure gauges with measuring medium temperatures of up to 300°C. 

Areas of application for diaphragm pressure gauges

  • The measuring element of diaphragm pressure gauges consists of a circular diaphragm containing several annular corrugations.
  • The measuring element is clamped between two flanges. When pressure is applied to the diaphragm, it deflects and transmits the applied pressure to the pointer mechanism via a push rod.
  • The pointer mechanism transfers the linear movement of the push rod into a rotary movement, which is displayed on the scale.

Repair of diaphragm pressure gauges

  • Diaphragm pressure gauges are less sensitive to system vibrations and pressure shocks.
  • They have a more complex design and are therefore more durable than Bourdon tube or capsule pressure gauges. They are used particularly in the process industry.
  • The repair of your diaphragm pressure gauges is also part of our service.
  • It is often not necessary to buy a new device and a repair is certainly possible. This saves money (up to 70 % compared to buying a new one) and also protects the environment.
  • The process is simple: you send us your devices and receive a free quote within a very short time. Once you have finally commissioned us, we will repair your appliances promptly and send them back to you once they are finished. Now they can be used again for years to come.

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