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Repair of pressure gauges and pressure / differential pressure transmitters

Pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and diaphragm seals often work under harsh conditions and in difficult environments, making them susceptible to damage and potential health risks. Thanks to our qualified maintenance service, you don't have to worry about this. Regardless of the specifications of the device in question, we offer a repair service that guarantees customer satisfaction!

The repair ensures the following:

  • The repair ensures that your devices work perfectly, even in conjunction with diaphragm seals.
  • In addition, we take a modular approach that allows you to save up to 70 % compared to buying new.
  • Our repair service can repair pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and diaphragm seals from a wide range of manufacturers.
  • Our experience shows that repairs are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying expensive new devices.

Thanks to their modular design, our measuring devices are designed for repairs and are the better choice in the long term. If a repair is required after years of use, we are your reliable partner.

The process is very simple: 

  • you send in the devices (regardless of the manufacturer), we check them and you receive a free quote.
  • After your "OK", we repair your appliances in the shortest possible time and you can use them again for years (with a certificate if necessary).
  • Save time, money and resources with the Schmierer repair service!

Interested? Then get your offer here quickly!

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