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Pressure gauge repair service

Our Pressure Gauge Repair Service will be able to take care of your pressure gauges and also contact pressure gauges from all brands with qualified personnel and according to ISO 9001 guidelines.

All repaired gauges will be delivered back to you in perfect technical and optical condition. We are able to repair Bourdon tube pressure gauges as well as Diaphragm seal pressure gauges and test pressure gauges and very often you’ll be able to save 50% or more compared to a new gauge. Our Pressure Gauge repair service will be able to do new calibration for you and we can also offer you a detailed calibration report with a 10-point certificate.

Pick-up service for defective gauges

Additionally you can look forward to a pick-up service for your defective gauges with a free cost estimation. With this setup you’ll always be in control of all the costs.

We also offer a repair service for all kinds of diaphragm seals and pressure transmitters of all brands and materials. Our long term experience paired with our own stamping tools and CNC machines as well as multiple filling and test stand guarantees you a quick and economical delivery with only one partner. All diaphragm seals can also be filled with FDA approved Neobee M20 fluid. On request we can also deliver your gauges as express service.

Repair means operating actively for the purpose of saving the environment and valueable resources. As a result all defective parts will be properly recycled and disposed free of charge!

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